Giveaway CSN Stores

{ This Giveaway is now Closed }

It's been a few months since Chic Little House has a had a giveaway, so I'm super excited to announce a giveaway from CSN Stores.  They wan to give one of my lovely readers $45.00 to spend in any of their 200 + stores! 

At CSN Stores you can find everything from drop leaf tables to pretty plush pillows and even modern baby gear. See what I mean :) This drop leaf table from CSN Stores is only $ 194.99. I love all the storage underneath the table perfect for wicker baskets. 

I'm a sucker for a pretty pillow and I love the one below the front and back of the pillow is so pretty! I love all the colors in the pillow the aquas, greens and golds look amazing together. 

Baby gear never looked this modern when my baby { now 10 } was a little one! This diaper bag is from Skip Hop and is on sale for $ 57.98 

Prize: $ 45.00 to spend at any of the 200+ stores! They $ 45 can be used for an entire purchase of towards a purchase.

How to Enter: Post a Comment on my Blog! 

                  Giveaway Starts: Thursday 10/28/10 
                  Giveaway Ends:   Monday 11/1/10
Number of Winners: One 

{ Open to all US & Canadian Residents } 


Our Spooky Scary Party Decor

As I mentioned yesterday my sons Spooky Scray Halloween Party was over the weekend, he had lots of fun. He was super excited when Saturday morning arrived and wanting to wear his ninja costume at 8 am!! I had to remind him we still had a few things to buy and do for the party lol. I did most of the Halloween decorating in our house in the dining room, entryway and a little in the Living Room { were the kids crashed and played games } I kept the Halloween decor simple with a little spooky scary thrown in the mix. Here's a reminder of how our entryway looks.

I decorated the mirror using some 'rag netting' and some black spier silhouettes left over from our front door. I hung a black feather wreath I made last year for our front door on the mirror to up the spooky factor. The wreath is a super simple DIY project, I spent $ 1.00 on a foam wreath at Dollar Tree and bought three 6ft feather boas of Michaels for $ 1.99 each. Simply wrap the boa around the wreath and use a hot glue gun to secure, and some black grosgrain ribbon and hang.
I filled our vase with branches I sprayed painted black and added crows on them. The buffet was used as our drink station, we made 'Brain Juice' punch. Sadly I have no pictures of the punch! We used a brain mold we bought from Wal-Mart and filled it with pink lemonade. We had the punch with Lemonade, Cranberry Juice & Sprite. It was freaking looking at a brain floating in punch :) I also planned on writing the Menu on the chalk board, but forgot all about it until the party was over.

I found the eye balls at Michaels, I think they were a buck for 4 eyes. Tabari had the great idea to place them on our small white vases!! 

A few months back I found three candles holders for clearance at Kohl's, I paid only $ 13 bucks for all three! The originally color was a bronze, not really our style but knew they would look great glossy black. I used some cheapo black gloss spray paint and transformed them. Their new look reminds me of these Z Gallerie candles holders. 

The candle holders looked great with a Crow, Candle and mini pumpkin on top. I was also surprised how great the cheapo spray paint worked. I even spray painted them myself,a task I normally leave to Mr. CLH - since I'm known to get drips and crackles. This time around the srpa wen on nice and smooth. 

I had planned on baking home made cupcakes, but ran out of time and energy since I was still under the weather on Saturday. I picked up a mix of chocolate and white cupcakes  

See the gloss on those candle sticks! lol - I filled a a witches cauldron with cheese balls and a crow guarded the dish. 

Here's how the table looked before the 'hot' foods were placed on the table. 

It was hard to get a full shot of the room before the party due the weather. It was a wet rainy Saturday which meant gloomy pictures. Here's Tabari doing his kung-fu pose! 

That's how Spooky Scary Halloween party decor looked !! I hoped you enjoyed party crashing with us!! :)


Color Combination

Hi everyone, I was such a bad blogger last week only one post! Thankfully I'm feeling much better, my sons party was over the weekend and it turned out really well. I'll share some party decor pics on Tuesday. Lately I've been loving grey + pear green. It's such a pretty color combination { so fresh and modern }

I love love this bedroom the subtle grey walls with the pear lime green artwork, drapes and pillows is so fresh and modern. It really makes me rethink the color combination in our bedroom. Right now there color combination in there is Grey + Light/Aqua blue + White. It wouldn't take to much effort to swap out the blues and infuse a little pear into our bedroom. I'm just thinking out loud, so we'll see what happens. Click here for a reminder of how our bedroom currently looks.

{ via Here }

Next I love these deep grey walls that are really 'set off' by the painted white trim. I love how a deeper green is injected into the artwork and adds a modern touch. The artwork would be  a fun diy project - large canvas + scrap booking paper + silhouette 

{ via Here }

The last room is full on deep lime pear green with touches of grey form the light fixtures, star burst and coffee table. I love the roman shade, another great diy project. I've been thinking Diy-ing some roman shades for our bedroom, I'm so over our faux white wood blinds. They have seen better days!

{ via Here }

That's the color combination thats been catching my eye lately. What color combinations do you love and loathe? 


Dreaming of an Organized Linen Closet

My posting might be little spotty this week as I prepare for my sons Halloween party and get our house all party cleaning did I mention i'm under the weather?  Other than planning the party, an organized linen closet has been on my mind. Our linen closet ( really linen shelves) as small. Which you think it would make it easier to keep clean. Not! I'm dreaming of talcking the super small spot soon. I love the linen closet below, small & tidy. I love how every inch of this small space is organized. 

{ via Martha Stewart }

I love the idea of adding labels on the shelves to help keep linens organized when they are put away.

{ via Martha Stewart }

I bought large wicker baskets for our linen closet a long time ago, which are perfect for storage, but lately there just junk bins. I'm going to see if I can make them work in the space, or they may end up moved into the coat closet. Hopefully I'll get started on this little project on Sunday, looking forward to an organized after. 

Is your linen closet also crying out for a organizational makeover? What do you to keep your linen closet nice & tidy?

C&B You Made My Day!

I was on cloud nine yesterday when I discorved the Pot Luck Bakers that I've been lusting over for a few months from Crate & Barrel were marked down to an insane price of $ 9.95 for a set of three! I nearly fell out of my chair, just Wednesday they were on sale for $21.99. I seriously wanted to leave work early to scoop a set up for our home. Instead of faking sick, I called our local Crate and Barrel and inquired the they still had them in stock, not worry the nice lady said they had 20 in stock. I also confirmed the in-store price, I hate when online a price is cheaper than in stores, it really annoys me! 

Oh how I love these bakers, the set is three colors: Small Grey, Medium Cream and Large Beige. The perfect compliment to our white dinnerware and a huge upgrade from my mis matched random sets I've bough here and there. Later that night the family and I drove to Crate & Barrel and picked up my Pot Luck Bakers. I took some quick pics of Mr CLH with my camera phone, hence the semi blurry pics. 

We felt all ritzy walking out of Crate & Barrel with some loot. 

That how C&B made my day yesterday, I so can't wait to cook with these beauties. i'm sure they'll make an appearance on the blog soon. If you looking for some pretty bake-ware for yourself or a present grab these fast before there all gone!

What's the last sale item you've come across that's made your day?

Talking, Laughing & Baking

I have a confession to make, while I like cooking I am not a baker. My baking consists of opening a box and getting annoyed if I need to add egg or oil! So when my girlfriend Summer asked if I wanted to bake cupcakes from scratch, I said yes. Then thought, what did I get myself into? Since we live long distance from each other, she assured me we could do the baking together via phone, I could ask all the silly questions I wanted. 

So last Saturday, we made Ina Gratens Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese frosting { recipe here} , Summer saw the Recipe in last month's House Beautiful Magazine. Here are the cupcakes we wanted to make yum, huh. 

We did a little shopping and gather our supplies for baking, since I'm a dork I asked my friend to take a few pics and I would too. Here's our set ups, I opted to use my table so I could sit and chit chat (plus my counters are really offensive! lol) 

Mr. CLH house lovingly went to Starbucks and got my a hot cocoa, didn't you know drinking a Starbucks is part of the baking process! We we opened our cans of Organic Pumpkin Puree, we were amazing how amazing how fresh the pumpkin smelled. I love how pretty the color is, it felt so fall. We mixed are ingredients per the recipes instructions. I proceeded to ask silly questions like: I don't have Extra Large Eggs? Should I use Three normal eggs anyways? Summer laughed and said two would be fine. 

She has a fancy mixer, I had to use my own hand to mix! Oh how I need to add a mixer to my wish list this year, maybe Santa will bring me one. Doesn't the mix look amazing already. 

Next up, we got our cup cake pans out and began the process of pouring, we opted to ignore Ina (sorry Ina) and make 12 cupcakes instead of 10 like the recipe suggested. While the cupcakes were baking we were going to start the frosting when I realized I didn't have any unsalted butter, I had to run to the store and buy the correct butter. Not to self, make sure you have all the ingredients next time, then I realized baking is a little like DIY projects, you think you have everything then you realize you have to make a trip to Lowes!

When I got back we started on the frosting, the oh so yummy frosting. I was so surprised how easy homemade frosting is. It only requires a few stuff (who knew?) I mixed my frosting forever, see I really need a  mixer, I had to ask for help from the Husband to give me some arm power

Look how creamy and yummy Summer's frosting looks, nice and smooth. Love her Rachael Ray spatula, I want some teal blue of yellow ones. That would make frosting even more fun. 

Next I chopped up a Heath bar to go on-top. When I was a kid I never ate Heath Bars, I didn't care for the toffee, now I know maple + heath bar = heaven! 

Summer was able to find a Heath bar so she used a Symphony Bar, yum. Know thats's a candy I used to love my mom buying for me as a treat.

Drum-roll please, here's are lovely cupcakes. I was having odd lighting issues, but these cupcakes are so good a for sure new fall treat!

Love her presentation, aren't those little leaf dishes so adorable. She found them at the Dollar Store, I'm so buying some for Thanksgiving giving and painting them white, you all know how I love white dinnerware :)

I found so much fun talking and laughing with my girlfriend it was so much fun to be walked baking since I've never attempted to make cookies, cupcakes & cake from scratch. I highly recommend teaming up with a friend via the phone or in person to tackle a recipe that's out of your comfort zone. The results will be delicious. 

Just in case your wondering withing 2 minutes of the pictures being taken at my house, three cupcakes went missing!

Are you a 'Box Baker' or a 'From Scratch Baker?


Tween Bedroom Redo: Love This Fabric

I've had a thing for grey stripped fabric for quite sometime. From pillows to drapes, I can't get enough. It's one of the those timeless looks that I love any room. I wanted to add some grey stripes to my sons bedroom Super Bad. 

{ via here }

I love, these grey ticking throws. Perfect for a boys room as bedding on thrown on a sofa, either way you can't go wrong. 

{ via here }

So I started hunting for grey stripped fabric, and kept coming up empty handed, until I looked on Fabric.com under quilting fabric. Over the recent yeas quilting fabric has become more modern, so I crossed my fingers. I found the perfect Grey Stripped Fabric from Micheal Miller called Two By Two. I thought it would be the perfect fabric for drapes in my sons bedroom. Remember his Tween Bedroom Redo, yeah i'm still slowly working on it and hope to have his room completed soon. Here's the fabric on his desk, I love thats the grey stripes are darker than his bedroom wall, I also got Tabari's approval on the fabric! 

He and I have discussed changing his bedding I originally bought months ago from JC Penny's sadly the comforter set faded (bad!) looks like we've had it for years. We'll keep it and use it for his company when he has friends over. So we made a trip to Ikea and found a potential duvet set. I liked another set better, but its his bedroom, lol. I do like how the open circles look with the stripe grey fabric. 

Originally his bedroom color scheme was grey, navy blue and red.At this point, I'm not sure how I like the limy green and red? I plan on making the drapes this weekend and going from there. 

What do you think the grey striped fabric, are you a fan of it as well? What do you think, nix the red?

Spooky Scary Halloween Planning

I've been in full Halloween Party planning mode for our sons upcoming Halloween Party. Hence, the lack of blog posts! I've already shared our Spooky Scary Entryway we decorated to welcome his guests, now I'm thinking about the menu and Spooky Scary decor for our dining room & front of our house and games. I guess this post is a mish mash of ideas.

I've gathered a slew of Halloween pictures from various sources over the last few months. I love love this spooky dining room, and would love to create a similar look in ours. I think this a perfect layout for a Halloween Party, a lot of spooky with out being to creepy to 10 year olds. 

I love this vignette, perfect ideas of our buffet in our dining room. 

Even though the table below is dressed more for Thanksgiving, The various size glasses covering the table look amazing. I've been storing our empty clear wine bottles in hopes of suing some for Halloween decor. 

I really need to find a large cloche to cover up books and trap a nasty spider! Icky 

Moving our to the outdoors, this weekend we'll be buying lots of pumpkins for the front our house and for a few on the inside. I love all the spooky crows greeting guests as they enter of home. I've stalked up on Crows like crazy this year, thanks to Dollar Tree. They are selling the same exact crows as Michaels for only a buck! Can't beat that price. 

Now that Halloween is only a few weeks away, have your started decorating? Are you planning on throwing a party this year?