Chalk Board Outdoors

I should have blogged about this along time ago! A few months ago when I came home from work Hasani happily greeted me at the front door. He couldn't wait to show me what he got for free on a curb on his way home from work. Before I even show what he found, I was shocked he's not one to pick up crib items, I am! I'm the one how gets giddy when I see so-called junk on the side of the road, because you never know as the old saying goes one mans junk.....Well my wonderful husband bought me home a classroom size 'old school' green chalk board! Our neighbors were placing into on the curb for trash pick day, and he asked if we could have it, they said yes! 

The chalkboard is huge and in perfect shape. I was super happy, then thought where the heck is this thing going to go! After some talking back and forth we decided the perfect spot for our chalkboard would be our backyard. It will be the perfect addition our patio area. The chalkboard style is the kind that attaches to a wall or fence. Right now our plan is to attached it to our siding using hooks - like hanging a large picture frame with a wire that way can place it on the garage during the rainy season. Here are some cute examples of chalk boards used in outdoor settings.

Large chalkboards are the perfect spot for plain fences! 

I love this curvy chalk board perfect sign to greet guests

I love how the chalkboard dresses up the side of this shed, this a huge chalkboard!

I wasn't able to get a good picutre of the chalkboard Hasani came home with, its in our dark garage, but picture the old school green chalkboard from Elementary and that's exactly how ours looks complete with the framed metal trim and the chalk holder, kind of like this one below. I like how this one is framed out with wood, so maybe we'll add some wood trim and stain it a deep walnut color or paint it white?

{via here}

Once our chalkboard is hung, I plan on getting some cool chalkboard makers! Like these below, I'll only use them occasionally when we have people over otherwise I'll use plain ole' chalk :)

It will be fun to use the chalkboard outdoors to create menus for our guests, I've always loved the look of Cafe Menus on chalkboards and the huge size i get to play with is making me excited!!

What you think of chalkboards outdoors?

Have you found any recent curbside finds?



SavedbyGrace March 14, 2013 at 10:31 AM

i love the idea, but doesn't water mess up chalkboards? So my thinking is with rain over time the board would become messed up? Also I am curious about how it turned out. I have a old green chalkboard and would like to paint it black with black chalkboard paint, but i'm not sure if I should prime it first or what.

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