Paint Affects: Modern Wow Factor

Need to bump up the wow factor in one of your room walls? Well, I came across some modern paint affects in one of my favorite decor magazines Style at Home. One of the paint affects gave me a boost of inspiration for my master bedroom makeover. I can't wait to get started on the paint effect project. I can't say which one - need to keep the element of surprise, lol.

Modern Paint Affect: Color Blocking
A painting technique that involves adding a graphic element, such as circles or squares, to dress up an empty wall or highlight a particular fixture in the room. Think about using this paint technique to enhance a medallion or light fixture on the ceiling. Or to ad an element of whimsy in a bedroom or it can simply replace art { like in the bedroom below } How pretty do those butterflies look, flying across the room.

In this room the color blocking highlights the wall and molding.

Modern Paint Affect: Strie
Strie is the French word for stripe, this modern paint affect creates the look of a soft stripping on the walls. Making walls appear like they are silk or linen. In the picture the walls appear to be a delicate soft green with a slight striping pattern. Don't the walls look touchable and soft?

Modern Paint Affect: Stenciling
Stencils work anywhere and add a graphic modern affect to the room. Its an affordable alternative to using wallpaper. I love the look of the stencil below, talk about drama

I love the idea of using stenciling as an decorative alternative to using ceiling medallions.

Modern Paint Affect: Colour Wash
To take the look from a 'dated cloud look' you have to apply the Colour wash technique very suitable. The Colour Wash in the picture below creates a dream like feeling in this entry way

{ images via Styleathome.com }

As I mentioned before I'll be adding one of the Modern Paint Affects to my bedroom. Did any of the paint affects give you a boost of inspiration? Have you already used a modern paint affect in your home?


Farm Fresh

I enjoy going to the farmers market and Saturday mornings with my family. Nothing beats buying your fruit, vegetables and flowers local farm fresh. In California we have Certified Farmers Market in every county! I always have a smile on my face while I'm searching for produce or other goodies. The farmers market in Northern California that we attend sell more then fruit and veggies. Here's a quick list of items they sell: cheese, eggs, extra virgin Olive oil, in season fruit, in season veggies, nuts, lavender, flowers and more! We stalked up on Asparagus, it's one of my favorite veggies, we usually grill it on the BBQ. Last night I made Asparagus and Mushroom Quiche with a side veggie salad it was yummy.

I couldn't take my eyes off all the lovely flowers. There were so many tulips in all different colors, I really like the deep plum ones.




Rows and Rows of yummy Asparagus



The artichoke hearts were huge!! Next time I'm getting a few, yummy for grilling


Two smiles, I can never get enough of!


Me and my baby, I know he's thinking why is she hugging me in public?


According to Section 114350 (d) of the California Health & Safety Code, no Dogs Allowed, so Mojo had to stay home.

Do you try and shop locally via a Framers Market near you? Any Shopping tips?
Looking for a farmers market near you? For Farmers Markets in CA click here. For Farmers Markets & Farms in the US click here.


Knitting Know How

Even with the weather warming up in Northern California, and a long list of DYI indoor and outdoor projects one things that's been on my my mind a lot is learning how to knit. So I decided recently the best time for me to learn how to knit is in the spring and summer months before its gets cold again. Plus I'm thinking if I can 'master' { I know know, its sounds silly, since I hasn't picked up needles } the basic knit or stitch { can you tell I how no clue what knitting words are! } then I can start knitting cable knit throws, pillows and scarfs. I love the color grey, so I'd love to have some luxe cable knitted pillows and throws around our house during the chilly months. Plus its hip to knit, lol. Maybe its because I just finished reading Knitting Under the Influence that's give me the extra push. BTW the book was good! It just took me a while to really get into it. It's one of those books that leave you you wanting the writer to a sequel.

Ok back to knitting, I'm going to pick up some supplies over the weekend and see what happens. Hopefully I'll even be able to knit one of best friends a baby blanket for baby boy that's due in August.

Chunky Cable knitted pillow covers would be perfect in our living room during the cooler months

Knitted blankets around house would be perfect on lazy fall afternoons, the blanket below is combination cable knit and honeycomb.

I love the detail on the blankets below, I would love to be able to knit grey, blues, and yellow blankets for our house. A bright red cable knit blanket would be the perfect addition for our sons room

For  those for you that knit, was it easy to learn? Have you been knitting for years, or is this a new passion for you? Or are you like me, plan on taking up knitting, in hopes of making comfy throws, and pillows?

{ Edit from Original Post: Do you know of any good Knit How To books? Please Share }


Painting Session: My Favorite Painting

A couple of days ago I shared a painting I'm currently working on for our living room, I also said I'd share my favorite painting I've done. But first the 'story behind the art' a few years ago I was in Hallmark looking at cards, when I came across an amazing image of a flower. I brought the card and decided I wanted to paint it. At that time I had only painted with water colors and kids paints. So I bought a cheap painting art book for $10 at Micheal's and decided to paint the picture using Oil Paints.

Since I painted this painted few years ago I didn't take pictures of my process. In short I hand drew the the flower on the canvas then filled the flower in with the oil paints and layered the colors. The hardest and messiest part paint this image was all the black oil paint I needed, I must have used two large oil tubes of paint. One thing I should mention, I love this painting but I have no place at this moment to put the painting the colors are very dramatic and bold. I'd say this painting is 98% done, I still need to paint the edges of the canvas black and sign my name. Without further adieu here's my first oil painting.

It was extremely hard for me to take an accurate picture of this painting, I think I'll have to re-read my camera's owners manual - some pictures are blurry, maybe its all the red and orange?

I like painting abstracts because its open to interpretation, the artist point of view and the viewers. I also enjoy painting flowers Ala Georgia O'Keeffe because flowers are timeless and captures beauty. What kind of paitings are your favorite?


Painting Session

I've been looking for some more artwork for our living room for quite sometime, most of artwork Mr. CLH and I agreed on was way to pricey for our pocketbook. So I decided to do a painting. I haven't painted in a few years and thought this would be a good testing the waters project for me. I usually paint with oil paint, however it can takes days and days for oil paint to dry and its messy to clean up. So for this painting decided to Oil Paints cousin Acrylic paints they dry super fast and the colors mix effortlessly.

When my painting is all done, I hope it invokes a sense of power, beauty and calm. Hopefully this testing the waters painting will get me painting more often. I'll have to share one of my favorite paintings I've done soon.

For the painting I used The Artist's Canvas 24x36 available at Micheal's Craft Store. I like using the artist style canvas because they are are gallery style and all the staples are hidden. Next to my canvas is another painting I'm working on.

I keep all my brushes in a simple 'flower pot' style glass vase

I bought a simple set of 24 Acrylic paints made by Reeves

I always pull out the colors I plan on using for the painting, making sure I like how the colors flow before beginning.

Shades of blue

The best part of painting is when everything wet, it makes it easier for me to manipulate the layer of colors easier.

I don't use a easel, I place my paintings on my lap { under my drawing board } or on the floor and work over the painting

I'll share the entire painting after its completed and hanging in our living room. On a side note, I forgot how relaxing painting is for me. What do you enjoy doing that helps relax you?


Fabric Fixation

For the past few months, I've been on a serious fabric fixation. I think it all started a few months back when I came across some great fabric for lumbar pillows for our living room { the pillows are finally done} I love this fabric its adds the perfect extra touch to our living room, I'll share the pillows soon. The fabric is called Key West from Calico Corners.

Then I was on the lookout for some more amazing fabric for my bench makeover. When I found this amazing modern grey and white fabric called Blythe also from Calico Corners. For more on the bench re-do click here.

On one of my many trips to Calico Corners, I had been eyeing Dahlia Aegean fabric and the Dove version both are so pretty and modern. I know the fabric would compliment our dining room re-do so I added the fabric to our Ikea curtains which added the extra oomph I was looking for. For more on our dining room re-do click here.

While browsing online last week on Fabric.com, I found some more amazing decor fabric at amazingly affordable prices. I usually don't buy fabric online because, I'm a very visual person and like to touch and feel fabric (see if its the right color and weight for a project etc.) but I was impressed with Fabric.com return policy and low shipping costs { they also have fabric samples available}, anything over $35.00 ships for free. Free is a good word!

Now for the fabric I found for two different rooms in our house. I really like the fabric below, its made by Diversitex called Postinio Indigo. The fabric style reminds me of a Ikat fabric, I've been digging Ikat for quite some time and like this version of it. The fabric was on sale for $6.64 per yard! Regular price is $18.98 per yard....talk about a deal.

The next fabric I found is modern print by Amy Butler called Fresh Poppies. I like the gray and gold mixed with the light pink flowers. This fabric was only $8.98 per yard another deal! I'm hoping the fabric looks as petty here as it does in real life.

I hope both of these fabrics add the extra interest for both rooms in our home. Any guesses what I'm going to use the fabric for?

{ I ordered the fabric on Friday and it its already on it's way to my house! }

Oh and why I'm on the subject for fabric they have an amazing selection of outdoor fabric. I'm not sure if I'm going to DIY route for pillows for our front porch. Here are a few fabrics that caught my eye.

Waverly Lenox Lacquer for $12.98 per yard. I saw an outdoor pillow with this fabric at Home Goods for $12.99 - you can make 2 large pillows for $12.98! Plus the cost of stuffing which is a affordable.

P. Kaufman Soho Pool for $10.98 per yard. I love the contrast of the geometric print with the dark navy blue.

Tommy Bahama Redonda Coconut $10.98 per yard. I like this neutral fabric, it would make great indoor or outdoor panels

Have you been on a Fabric Kick too? I just adore fabric, its one one the easiest and most affordable ways to update a room or add extra Oomph.


Paint Chips: Front Door Color Options

To kick of our plans to pretty up our front porch, Sunday morning the family and I stopped in Lowes in search of the perfect red for our front door. We I did all the looking  found four top contenders for our front door color.

Color Contenders { from left to right }  Spanish Tile, La Fonda Geranium Red, Cut Rudy and Posh Red

Like most colors reds tend to change though out the day, so we tapped our choices to the front of the house. We wanted to make sure our color looked good against our gray house and looked good in direct sunlight. Our house colors are Grey, with white trim and black accents (shutters, mail box etc.)

The lineup next to the front door { from left to right, top to bottom } Posh Red, Spanish Tile, Cut Ruby and La Fonda Geranium

From a distance the reds really pop of great against our grey house. It's going to make walking up our sidewalk much more inviting.

The color that keeps standing out to me the most is Posh Red { top left } and the color Spanish Tile { top right } I think those two colors look the best against our grey house and red/orange brick on our front porch. I'm thinking the Spanish Tile might be a little too dark since it lends more towards the cranberry shade. Posh Red is a good mix between cranberry and reds. The paint colors are from Valspar and I love using their paint in our home inside and out! I'm really looking forward to tackling this project and breathing new life into the front of our wood door. A few months back we we did our entryway and painted the inside our front door a glossy white.

Out of the 4 color options above which one do think will look best on our front door?

Blue Skies and the Sun Shines

Remember how I've been saying the weather last week has been gloomy. Well this week it's been lovely outside, the flowers are blooming on trees, chipmunks are outside and the everything is so picturesque. On my way to catch the train last night, I took a few pictures of the lovely view. According to Weather.com it should be a sunny week in the low it mid 70's!

I feel some outdoor projects coming on this weekend { if I can get some indoor projects done during the week } I think I'll be tackling the front door soon for our front porch. We found some great color options that I'll be sharing soon. For those of you out there still stuck with gloomy weather bring some spring indoors via blooms, I did this little trick and it really made the Spring not feel so far off.