Painted Rug Round Up

I was reading a recent post from Amanda from Our Humble A {bowe)d and loved the diy chevron rug she painted for her sons bedroom. She took a simple jute rug and transformed. Love the results. Here's the view the lovely rug. She posted the a great how to (here)

Image via (here)
I rounded up some more pretty diy painted rugs for inspiration, I'm thinking making a simple diy painted rug for our house. These all give me so much inspiration. More pretty chevron stripes, this time in an array of purple.

image via (here)

A stencil transforms the a basic rug, into a wow rug. Isn't the diy rug amazing.

image via (here)

I love this jute textured rug, the tan tones of the with the yellow paint look so pretty. I love this painted chevron rug.

image via (here)

I love the idea of painted a rug and creating a custom look (without the price) Have you been thinking about painting a rug for your home? Or already you already, I'd love to see if you have?



SCCArt March 26, 2013 at 10:03 PM

thank you for your amazing solutions!
I have couple questions. When painting finished, How you protect the color? Is there anything to fix the color? what kind of color do you use? Is it acrylic?
Thank you

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